About InsiderTrades

What Is This?

This project was an entry for Yahoo's OpenHack in New York. Yahoo Finance (and every other finance service) provides insider trading data days after the information becomes public. InsiderTrades.org scans the SEC's filing system every fifteen seconds and then alerts subscribers if their stock has been traded by an insider.

The only other source for this information (and not in real-time) is Edgar Online, a proprietary service that powers Google Finance and Yahoo Finance. InsiderTrades is completely free beer-wise and speech-wise.

Who Made This?

Thanks for checking out my entry for HackU. This site was created by Addison Cameron-Huff, a technology lawyer in Toronto, Canada. It was created when Addison was in first year law.

The Waterloo regional finals were also won by Addison with this entry.

Project By Addy Cameron-Huff: